Office cleanliness isn’t just for keeping the bacteria and dirt at bay, it’s also about keeping your working environment free of clutter and having happy employees!

Increased Productivity

When you’re feeling stressed and your brain feels cluttered, your productivity is most likely going to go down. This is the same with workplace cleanliness.

Just like your mind, when your desk is free of clutter, your productivity goes up. There is no worrying about the paper piling up, or the bins overflowing, your employees can just focus on the work that needs doing.

Businesses can only do well when their employees are happy and their productivity is up, and so it’s vital for businesses to keep on top of the cleanliness in the office.

Read this very interesting article the Harvard Business Review wrote on desk clutter.

Less Sick Days

Fewer germs and bacteria means less employees catching viruses/colds, meaning less sick days!

Unfortunately, offices are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Your phone, the water cooler system, keyboards and your computer mouse all attract and will have a build up of bacteria if not cleaned regularly (and properly!).

Did you know? When using any type of cleaning product, antibacterial spray for example, it must be left on the surface for at least 30-60 seconds BEFORE wiping away.

It is very common to just wipe it away as soon as you’ve cleaned the visible dirt, however, this isn’t effective against the small bacteria you can’t see!

Investing in a professional cleaning service will stop the spread of germs and improve employee health. Carter and Faraday have been a commercial cleaning service for 43 years, and are known for their impeccable cleaning performance.

Better Well-Being and Mental Health

In light of the recent pandemic, mental health and employees well-being has been a very important topic for the last 2 years. 

People have started to work from the office again, and so keeping the workplace clean and tidy is vital for people’s well-being.

Low morale within employees due to their working environment is not only costly to their own well-being and mental health, but can also be costly to the business. 

We recommend:

  • Hiring a regular professional cleaning company, such as Carter and Faraday, to regularly clean the workplace, as well as deep cleaning every few months.
  • Include plants into the office environment. Plants help to purify the air and also creates a sense of calm and peacefulness.
  • Introduce hand sanitisers for each desk. Not only will this stop the spread of germs, but will also show your employees you care for their health and well-being.

Very Well Mind wrote this insightful article on What a Messy Room Says About You, read it here.

First Impressions Count

If you invite clients or future employees to your office, then it’s vital to maintain cleanliness, as first impressions always count!

This doesn’t just go for the inside of your office, but also the outside. Clean or remove any ashtrays and empty bins.

Here’s some quick tips on how to declutter your desk.


Since GDPR came into effect in May 2018, businesses need to be very careful with the information they store. Not only does this affect online data, but also any personal information printed on paper too.

Both business owners and staff are responsible to stay in line with the GDPR rules. Make sure no personal documents are left in printers, on desks or in unsecure recycling bins.

Carter and Faraday

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