No one likes to think about how dirty their office can get! But it’s vital to make sure you know which parts of the office get the dirtiest so you can clean it regularly, on top of a professional cleaning service daily/weekly.

This blog discusses which parts of the office get the dirtiest and why it’s important to clean them regularly and properly.

Your desk

Unfortunately, your office desk in your work environment is one of the dirtiest places in the office!

Not only do you work from your desk, but you probably drink and eat there too.

Your office phone is also a breeding ground for bacteria. If it’s not cleaned regularly, every time you touch it and don’t clean your hands, you’re at risk of spreading nasty bacteria around the office (and into your body!).

Crumbs, bacteria, every time you talk or sneeze, lots of little particles are falling onto your computer keyboard and mouse. Giving them both a wipe at least once a day will help prevent any illnesses from spreading.

Keeping hand sanitiser on your desk is also an easy way to regularly kill any bacteria that could be on your hands.

Door handles and buttons

Both door handles and buttons, such as water cooler buttons and lift/elevator buttons, are very easy ways for bacteria to jump from person to person.

There can be many people who come and go from your office, and some of them may not have recently washed their hands. 

Not washing your hands regularly, especially if you have a cold, means your transmitting bad bacteria throughout the office.

Office kitchen

Another dirty area of your office is the kitchen, which may come as a surprise to you!

It’s used by everyone, either to make a drink or to prepare their lunch. People use taps, microwave and fridge door handles, cupboards, and more.

All of the places people touch and use are places where bacteria can spread. 

When was the last time your cleaning cloth and sponge got replaced? We recommend replacing them every 2 months if they’re kept clean.

Communal office equipment

Do you have a printer that is used by the whole office? Stapler, hole puncher, laminator all used by everyone in the workplace? 

How often do these get cleaned? Probably not a lot!

Again, if no one washes their hands regularly, after they sneeze, or worse, after the toilet (!) then these bacteria will stay on their hands and be transferred onto any surface they touch. 

How dirty does the office get?

All in all, your office can get very dirty if not regularly cleaned. It can be full of unwanted bacteria, germs and viruses.

Read our other blog on how to clean the office to prevent sickness.

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