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    Waste Chute Cleaning

    We provide a waste chute cleaning service across London, Sussex, Surrey, and Kent. The Waste Chute Cleaning system comprises of a high powered, remotely operated jet cleaning system with a specialised rotating washer head. The operative will set up the cleaning system which is then winched to the top floor of the tower block, the rotating washer head is connected to the high-pressure system delivering a constant jet of steam at up to 350 bar pressure.

    The rotating washer head is lowered by the skilled operator using a winch down the waste disposal chute, where the rotating washer head delivers high pressure steam cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising the chute as it descends. Any residual waste / water is washed down the chute and collected into the refuse container placed underneath. The waste is then emptied in to our specialist bin cleaning vehicle.

    All the water used in the cleaning process is removed from site by the specialist bin cleaning vehicles to prevent any contamination of the surrounding areas. On completion of cleaning, all tape/cones/signage will be removed from site and hopper hinges/handle greased/lubricated n line with the contract requirements.

    For more information call 01444 482 666 or email sales@carterandfaraday.co.uk

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