Your office space is no different from your home, and while you deep clean your home room by room either quarterly or yearly, your workplace may get overlooked!

If the below dirty spots get overlooked in common areas in your work environment, they could be spreading more germs and might be making a bad impression on your customers/employees.

Below are some of the most common dirty areas that might be forgotten, and will need a deep clean every so often.


As you can imagine, the kitchen is likely to experience many spills from different types of food and drinks, overflowing bins, and food leftover in the fridge which can cause some nasty smells!

Because it’s a communal area, employees may not think it’s their job to thoroughly clean the kitchen area, which can lead to a build-up of dirt and mess.

This is why it’s vital to have a professional commercial cleaning company to look after this, so nothing gets missed and your employees can focus on their work.

For our ultimate office cleaning checklist, read our blog here.

Walls & Flooring

Here are a few areas that can get missed in regular cleaning.

Carpets will be cleaned regularly, however, there could be spots that are missed, such as where the floor connects to the wall.

Walls can collect dirt, and although it collects slower than floors, there will still be a layer that needs to be cleaned.

Skirting boards are also a breeding ground for dust and germs, and might be overlooked! We suggest cleaning them weekly to keep them clean and fresh.


Having a professional deep cleaning service will make sure your bathroom and toilets are free from grime. We recommend daily cleans and a weekly deep clean.

Here are some of the areas that can be forgotten if you don’t have a commercial cleaning company:

  • Inside personal hygiene bins
  • The base of the toilet
  • Under the toilet bowl rim
  • Walls behind toilets and sinks
  • The toilet doors

Office Chairs

We sit on our chairs all day, and even sometimes eat at our desks, which means crumbs and food can fall onto the chair. 

Our chairs can be a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria if not cleaned properly, or deep cleaned regularly. 

Employees often overlook cleaning their chairs as it might not be obvious how dirty they are, that’s why a commercial cleaning company, like us, is so important.

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