We have had some fantastic feedback recently from one of the sheltered schemes that we look after. It’s always lovely to get great feedback, and we wanted to share it with you.

Firstly a big shout out of gratitude to “grounds operative” who has done a really good job on my long list of requests despite restrictions on his time. I really appreciate his hard work and it was nice to hear the same from residents at the scheme.
I realise that on that note, I should make the point that “Cleaner” too is very effective and much liked within the community. I think at times we take her for granted, which is most unfair.
The nice thing is that nobody noticed a difference in service in her absence. I very much apologise but I cannot remember the names of the two that came last time. They were so polite and gentle and then like whizz kids, working in perfect sync. Everything was sparkling, let alone clean! “Cover cleaner” is also a lovely man, chatting to residents (which they love) and still delivering a service without fault. They are all a credit to your company and my only regret is not complimenting more often, especially “usual cleaner” who is an asset to the scheme.