I am sure that you are all dying to know what Carter and Faraday get up to on a daily basis?! Well this week’s blog post will give you just that! We would like to show you inside one of the less glamorous sides of the job, but something that we still take great pride in doing well. And that is clearing out bin stores.
Below is a picture that an operative has taken and sent in from a bin store, how we often find the bin stores when we arrive on site.

1-6 Cherry Tree Court bins

Donned in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) the operative will scoop up all the rubbish left on the floor around the bins using a shovel and broom. They will put the rubbish into black bags as shown below, then put these bags inside the bin. If there isn’t room inside the bins, the operative will send through photos of the excess rubbish and with authorization from the customer we will organize a bulk rubbish clearance.

1-6 Cherry Tree Court bins 3

Then the operative will drag out the bins, sweep the floor to remove dirt and debris, before either: mopping the floor if the bin store is internal, or putting disinfectant down and sweeping with a stiff broom.

1-6 Cherry Tree Court bins 2

We often find that larger items, like sofa’s, TV’s and fridges are left in and around the bin area, if this is the case we will report a photo to the customer and again with their permission arrange for a bulk rubbish clearance.

Although not the nicest and most interesting thing that we do here at CFA it is one of our everyday tasks. We feel that this blog post will show you the other side of something that you may use every day.