The past few years have been a difficult time for us all, and now more than ever, the issue of preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses is on the top of many of our minds. 

You might be wondering how to keep your office germ-free in the post-pandemic return to work, and in this blog, we will explore four of our top tips for cleaning your office to stop the spread of germs.

Hand Sanitiser

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It’s no secret that washing your hands is likely one of the most effective ways of reducing the spread of germs in an office, both to and from yourself. 

Door handles, elevator buttons, and even the kitchen sink can be some of the most germ-ridden places in the office, and regularly sanitising your hands at work is a very effective way to ensure that these germs don’t spread. 

Most hand sanitisers kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, and some are enriched with moisturising agents to ensure that they don’t damage your skin. 

Coughing and Sneezing (the right way!)

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Whilst many people are aware that surfaces can become contaminated, some might not know just how easy it is for it to happen. 

Coughing and sneezing release droplets into the air, which can very easily stick to surfaces or linger in the air only to be caught by an unsuspecting colleague. 

The good news is that it’s straightforward to contain the spread of colds and flu. Encourage your team to use tissues whenever possible to catch them and keep your workspace well ventilated. If no tissues are available, it’s best to use the inside of your elbow. 


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Surfaces are a haven for germs to live in your office. They catch the germs that hang in the air and can also catch germs from people who walk past and touch them. 

One of the best ways to maintain clean surfaces is through the use of disinfectant wipes. 

They help to kill bacteria and keep surfaces from harbouring germs, including sideboards, desks, and even toilet seats. 

Work From Home

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Finally, working from home has become increasingly popular in the past few years, allowing for extra flexibility in the workplace.

For example, if one of your employees is unfortunately ill but well enough to work, it is now possible for them to stay home and get on with work without risking infecting others. 

Office Cleaning Service Near Me

We here at Carter and Faraday offer a comprehensive office cleaning service to ensure that your workplace remains clean and safe for your employees at all times. Our environmentally friendly service is tailored to your needs precisely, and we can even offer a daily cleaning service if required. 

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